Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship


Yesterday the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championship was held at Belmont Park in Philly. Great Day. Great Event. Beer was flowing. Snow was snowing. Even Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter proclaimed, “Handups are not a crime!”

SSCXWC2013Philly did an awesome job setting everything up. Trails were great and I think everyone felt that famous brotherly love and went home happy (and drunk). Big shout out to sponsers Stan’s NoTubesLone Wolf Cycling and Raleigh Bicycles.

These images are low res – if you are looking for photos give me a shout.


Everybody’s a Winner Race

Seriously, these losers had the best weather for the race.


Elite Men’s Race


I went to a bike race and a wrestling match broke out…?


and of course – Topher!


The Pirate in the black and white pants – Adam Craig. He yelled at the guy in front of him to get out of the way and that guy was like, “Since when did we start getting serious?!” Well, Adam won elite mens.


You’re not in Philly if you don’t see a mummer pissin’ in public.


Elite Women’s Race

See Batgirl? That’s Vicky Barclay – she won Elite Women’s – actually kicked ass. The womens had a hell of a time because I think it dumped 3 inches of snow in the 45 minutes they raced. They are the true ballers on SSCXWC2013!



2013 Bilenky Junkyard Cross Race, Protected By Stan’s NOTUBES

This weekend was the THE SINGLESPEED CYCLOCROSS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RACES (SSCXWC) and it was an incredible weekend. I haven’t stopped smiling since I cracked open my first beer Saturday morning at the 2013 Bilenky Junkyard Cross Race – a cyclocross race thru Big Guy’s Used Auto Parts. Here are some snaps taken from Saturday – shot with Fujifilm x100.

My personal care package started with this. Threw it in my Camelback and biked down to Philly. Never been a big fan of Philly but I have to say they are do bike lanes right. Nice, wide and clean – didn’t feel threatened by motorized vehicles at any time – Philly puts Jersey to shame.


This place was so much fun you almost forgot you were riding in a junkyard. This guy didn’t forget – he actually needed a new hood for his car.


This guy went really high. And really far…


His landing didn’t go so well but turns out he will be all right…


His bike not so much.