Tick, Tick, Tick…

Lately I’ve been looking at the clock. I don’t know what that means. Up above I notice the clock just struck noon so I took a picture of it during one of the Governor’s town hall. That’s the Governor. Below is a photo in the Governor’s hold room outside his office at the Statehouse. Time was 10:10. The interesting thing about 10:10 is watch manufacturers, back in the day, had their watches photographed at 10:10 so that the hands never take away from their name or logo – the name or logo would always be right in between the hands of the clock.


Roaring 20’s…

This was a really fun assignment for the Associated Press. Atlantic City is trying to capitalize on the success on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire with special events and people dressed in appropriate era wear. This was a six-hour 1920’s style Swing Dance-Off competition where peeps show off their signature dance moves and stamina.

Michael Arenella sings to the dance couples.

Judges, from left to right, NY Swing Dancer/Instructor Roddy Caravella, Director of N.J. Swing Kristine Powell and Lincoln Center’s Jill Sternheimer watch dancers compete.

Heidi Rosenau and Joe McGlynn of New York, N.Y. participate in the six-hour endurance competition.

Peter Strom of Minneapolis, MN throws Naomi Uyama of New York, N.Y. in the air in front of the judges.

Face Plant…

Sergio Martinez of Oxnard, CA knocks out Paul Williams of Augusta, GA in the second round of Middleweight Championship Bout in Atlantic City.  This was a great fight – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shooting boxing. HATE, HATE, HATE getting covered in blood, sweat and saliva. I submitted the top three images to the Associated Press. The top image was the actual punch that knocked out Williams. The very next frame was that center image – I had to zoom out wide in a split second in order to get both Williams falling and Martinez jubilating – I’m glad I didn’t have a tighter lens because then I would have missed the shot. This is the first time the shot below has seen the light of day… it was the very next image when Williams face planted into the mat.

Election Eve…

Being a full time photog leaves me little time for personal projects. At the same time being the Governor’s photographer allows me certain opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have. So Election time is when I’m able to shoot for myself with pretty good access to political events. At political rallies you always have the obvious politician selling his or her wares – but what has always caught my eye was the people who attend the event – the people watching the speaker – take a look:

These images were taking while Governor Christie was stumping for Congressman Chris Smith and Senator Hopeful Tom Goodwin in Hamilton.

Bruins at Devils

I like shooting hockey and I don’t like shooting hockey. For me it’s the hardest sport to shoot because it’s so fast. At the same time, it’s also so nice when you were able to capture some good action. Here  New Jersey Devils’ David Clarkson (23) tries to get the puck in the goal between Boston Bruins’ Mark Stuart (45) and goalie Tim Thomas (30)

New Jersey Devils’ Martin Brodeur (30) blocks a shot while playing against the Boston Bruins.

Connecticut at Rutgers

Connecticut’s Kashif Moore (82) gets tripped up by Rutgers’ Jonathon Freeny (99) and Khaseem Greene (20)

I love catching facemasks – it makes a nice image but it really looks like it hurts. Rutgers’ Mason Robinson (24) grabs the facemask of Connecticut’s Nick Williams (31) trying to get away from Williams and Ryan Griffin (94)


Video Clips:

Auction Blockhttp://www.youtube.com/user/JonSCorzine#p/u/39/nXAPtE8zxwY

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Linden – http://www.youtube.com/user/govchristie#p/u/67/KP-auo7GBKs

Flood Advisory – http://www.youtube.com/user/govchristie#p/u/92/dPEjVHWNr40


Religious Battlehttp://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/_national/russian_church/

Tribute in Lighthttp://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/_national/sept11_light/index.html


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