Hurricane Sandy – Six Months After…


8 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy – Six Months After…

  1. Notice for SSH no homes shown! Please post pictures of the homes. I know the town wants to keep the focus on the good but isn’t it better to show the whole truth?!?!

    • Unfortunately I did not get photos of the homes in Seaside Heights six months ago which I would have needed for this project. However, I feel I have a fair representation of work that has been done vs the work that needs to be done – as shown in Holgate and Ortley Beach.

  2. I think your work is totally amazing – how you got the exact shot 5 or so months later. I was on LBI 8 days after the storm and I have some of the same pics as you …so it’s interesting to see the progression as I haven’t been back yet. Some people need to understand that not every place was even accessible/blocked by police to shoot pics unless you were a resident. They let me on LBI before the general public could and I could go under the tape, but most people couldn’t. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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