Frackin’ (or not)…

We had an Anti Fracking Protest at the Statehouse the other day – here are some of my selects. I used my new Fujifilm X100 Camera – super nice camera. Great feel, sharp images, old school. One complaint I have it the monotone images are real grey – I like my blacks black and my whites white – too grey for my tastes. Anyway – Frack away:

This lady was shooting the protest with an 8×10 – very impressive, very cool. Tried to talk with her but she was very unfriendly – or very busy. *UPDATE – I found out who this photog is – Judith Joy Ross – she is a well known documentary photographer. The New York Times did a feature on her where she said “This is the way I work, I’m in love with you intensely and I don’t ever have to see you again. I’m not big on intimacy, except in a visual way.” I must change my comment – she wasn’t being unfriendly – she was being Judith Joy Ross.

Google Judith Joy Ross – she is part of the Collections at MoMA. Very impressive body of work and I’m very humbled to have been in her presence. I am truly honored to have been able to watch her work and for her not be intimate with me.

It’s all about the bike!

I love just the legs showing:

I don’t know which I found more amusing – the cops reaction or Jews Against Fracking – does it matter if your Jewish if you are against Fracking?


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