Roaring 20’s…

This was a really fun assignment for the Associated Press. Atlantic City is trying to capitalize on the success on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire with special events and people dressed in appropriate era wear. This was a six-hour 1920’s style Swing Dance-Off competition where peeps show off their signature dance moves and stamina.

Michael Arenella sings to the dance couples.

Judges, from left to right, NY Swing Dancer/Instructor Roddy Caravella, Director of N.J. Swing Kristine Powell and Lincoln Center’s Jill Sternheimer watch dancers compete.

Heidi Rosenau and Joe McGlynn of New York, N.Y. participate in the six-hour endurance competition.

Peter Strom of Minneapolis, MN throws Naomi Uyama of New York, N.Y. in the air in front of the judges.


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