Photo Blog: Congressman Bob Franks

Former Congressman Bob Franks passed away on Friday. He was 58 and a really good guy.  In my line of work I see alot of people that come and go through the Statehouse in Trenton but there are few who make an impact on me and even fewer who I remember their names or what they do. Bob Franks stood out to me because he listened more than he spoke and when he spoke, people listened. Star Ledger writer Tom Moran said “Everyone respected him. A state legislator, a Congressman, and GOP chairman, his integrity was somehow beyond dispute.” Gov. Jon Corzine, who beat Franks in the Senate race in 2000, has often said his campaign against Franks was the last truly policy-oriented, gentlemanly statewide race. “Bob was one of a kind — smart, compassionate, and principled, he touched the lives of countless New Jerseyans,” Corzine said, “Everyone who knew him will miss his relentless optimism. Those of us who were on the other side of the political aisle always knew that we shared with Bob a common sense of humanity and decency.”

We need more people with relentless optimism in Trenton.


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