Photo Blog: My Surly 1×1…

My first love is photography. My second is biking. My buddy Tony has a blog called Computer Cyclist – I sometimes wonder if I should have called my blog Camera Cyclist… just kidding. I bought a frame about a month ago and built my own bike with parts from all over the world. I never did this before so it was an interesting endeavor. This is a Surly 1×1 Frame that I found to build a single speed. It’s more beautiful in person.

Alot of my parts are pulled off of old bikes and some are new. Truvativ SS Crankset, Avid BB7 Mechanical Disk Brakes, My Surly Tuggnut Tensioner which doubles as a beer opener (most important part of the bike), Ergon Grips which are really comfortable, Shimano 18t cassette and the wheels are Handspun Rear 26″ Surly SS Disc Mavic XM719d with Maxxis 2.1 Tires that bought like 3 years ago but never used. With all the snow the 2.1s were not really the way to go but… oh well.

The bike has been built for a couple of weeks but the snow has prevented me from riding the trails (If I built a Pugsly it with Large Marge Rims it never would have snowed!). I’ve been riding the roads and I really enjoy the SS. Takes a little getting used to, mostly when going downhill or into a headwind, but it just kind of makes sense. On my gear bike if I’m just going on the flats I sit in one gear anyway and shift going up or downhill. With the SS I just have to pedal harder to go up hill and spin or coast going down. It’s a better work out. Here’s a couple more images of the things I’ve seen on my Surly 1×1 travels…


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