Jen Steadson and the Kumas

Shot Jed Steadson and the Kumas tonight for promo material for their reunion tour on Saturday night at Joe’s Mill Hill Saloon in Trenton. Now a days, Jed Steadson and the Kumas, who have reformed in 2006, can be seen playing a series of Holiday Inn lounges and Red Lobsters across the US as part of thier 4 year reunion tour sounding as fresh and as relevant as ever. This is just one of the hot shots with their hot models. You can find more info on them on Facebook – just search them…


One thought on “Kumas…?

  1. I like this picture, after looking though the Christie and basketball pics I started thinking…. where are the women arm wresting or something??? I particularly like the money in the air and the woman in the background. Nice Job.

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